Shoot To Kill

It is difficult to imagine a day going by in the United States of America without a single example of someone who was caught by police authorities, was handcuffed, and then shot to death by the arresting officer because the alleged criminal refused to cooperate with police authorities. Robert Cameron Redux was a student at the University of Incarnate and somehow became involved in a dispute with a campus police officer. Words undoubtably were exchanged, each person became angry, Cpl. Christopher Carter repeatedly told Cameron to cooperate and he refused. After several minutes, Carter shouted at the alleged criminal, “stop or I’ll shoot” and shoot he did. A man who was handcuffed was shot six times to make certain he would obey demands by a policeman.

Yes, being a police officer can be a dangerous job. Yes, those who one arrests must obey the policeman. Yes, a policeman can employ force. BUT, SIX times bullets are aimed at the body of an unarmed person? Give me a break. How about a shot to the leg?