Shoots Self In Head

Every so often one encounters stories concerning those arrested by the police which raise interesting questions. Mr.Chavis Carter was arrested by police due to a violation of the drug laws. Mr.Carter was handcuffed with hands behind back, and thrust into the back seat while police dealt with another felon. Suddenly, the police heard a sound, turned and saw that Mr. Carter was not feeling very well. As one policeman commented: “I observed Carter in a sitting position, slumped forward with his head in his lap.”

Mr. Carter, while handcuffed, reached under his  pants, found a hidden gun, and though having hands cuffed behind  back, took his left hand and fired a bullet into his right temple. Frankly, I am sorry that this wonderful man who can kill himself while handcuffed behind his back is lost to this world. A man of such talent will be missed. Imagine if Mr. Carter could employ his talents in the halls of Congress. Any guy who can shoot himself while handcuffed certainly can help this nation discover plan to end unemployment.

Chavis, we really will miss you and your wonderful talents.