Shorter U. Does Not Stand Tall

In all honesty, Shorter University is not on my short list of outstanding colleges. In fact during my long time on this planet I never once heard anyone express anything about Shorter U. I assume it is an institution of higher learning geared to those who are sort of short folk. However, I assume many will shortly learn about the long winded hot bag of bullshit from the man who heads this short college. After listening to this man I am certain he will shortly lose a lot of prospective students to good old Short U.

President Don Dowless does not want any happy people to attend his institution. When asked if gay guys could come to his college, Don stood up tall and said: “I think anybody who adheres to a lifestyle outside of what the biblical mandate is would not be allowed to attend.” In other words, if you are a happy go lucky guy, seek  a college located on higher  ground.