Should A Judge Be Allowed To Wear A Headscarf?

The world is confronting a devastating food crisis, energy costs keep rising, millions of children throughout the planet are working or lack access to a school, but the people of Denmark have undoubtedly identified a major concern facing humanity– the headscarf! A large majority of Danish people indicated they oppose allowing a female Danish judge to wear a headscarf. The Danish govlernment is taking action to halt a recent decision by the Court Administration which said it was OK for a female judge to have her head covered with a headscarf. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen made known his strong oppositon to the ruling. Justice Minister Lene Esperson said: “Citizens are very conscious that a court of law shuld be impartial. The people won’t accept that political conviction or religion is allowed to reign over a place dedicated to strict, neutral decision making.”

Poll results indicated among those aged 18-25 nearly 75% said it made no difference to them what was on the head of a judge while only 16% of those over 65 had similar feelings.

There is an assumption that wearing a headscarf is a political statement which indicates strong bias on the part of a Muslim female judge. Unless, the case involved wearing a headscarf, what exactly is the poltical statement made by wearing a headscarf? One can assume many Danish judges wear a cross or a star under their shirt or blouse. Does the cross or star reflect a bias that would play out against a defendant?

It is time for European society to cease engaging in much ado about nothing and cease creating these storms in a teacup issues.

P.S. Out of curiosity, exactly how many Danish judges are female Muslims who wear a headscarf? Just asking.