Should Anyone Be Concerned About White Power?

Just about every week there is a report concerning an “increase” in actions by white power groups in Europe or the United States. A new Expo Foundation study reveals there are 39 different white power groups in Sweden and they are responsible for about 1,946 “actions” whatever that means. It is not too difficult to become upset, aroused or even fearful because twenty young white men march down a street shouting words of hate and anger. They enjoy the sense of freedom and power arising from being the object of angry remarks from crowds and there is always a moment when a “leader” steps up and shouts some words or throws his arm in the air to give a Nazi salute. But, is this simply much ado about nothing? These so-called white “power” groups have no apparent ability to gain power in the legislature, let alone in any area of society. They are fringe shouters who make some noise and are quickly ignored by passerbys.

I doubt if anyone of these white “power” groups will ever gain power to make changes in our daily lives. They will live out their lives living in the shadow of aloneness. At their death, a few men will gather for a moment, utter a few words and then head for the nearest saloon to drink beer and pretend their pot-bellied bodies are capable of doing something that will attract attention.