Should Babies Earn Own Way?

The Danish People’s Party is concerned that immigrants enter their country, and dare to get sick and thus use the nation’s health care system before they have ever paid a single penny into the system. The People’s Party wants a freeze on all immigration, but if that can not be accomplished they want to deny immigrants any access to the country[s social service system on grounds they did not pay into it so how can they get anything out of it? They argue if an immigrant gets sick during his/her initial seven years in the country, they can get private health insurance to handle their failure to be healthy and allow themselves to get sick. I think the People’s Party has a point. Why the heck should anyone enter the Danish economy and receive social service benefits before paying into it. I believe it is time for those damn babies to quit demanding social services. Hell, they arrive without permission from the Danish government, and within hours they are crying for help from the country of Denmark! All they do is shed tears and wail and moan about their hard life. When I was their age, I was out working my butt off in order to survive!

It is time to end support for free-loading babies and make them pay up before they secure benefits that come from hard-working honest, decent Danes. You want milk, ask your mom for some! And, quit peeing all over the place and damaging the Danish environment. I suspect my words will not be heeded by these baby parasites who only want to sleep around the clock instead of working for their keep!