Should Drones Drone On?

The introduction of Drone planes during the past several years has provided the American military with a weapon that can be powerful just as it can be a powerful weapon in angering Muslim civilians who endure attacks from the air. A cabinet official in the Yemen government criticized use of US drone planes in his nation. During the past few weeks there are increasing drone attacks on al-Qaida forces, but there also have been deaths of innocent civilians. Yemeni human rights minister Hooria Mashour told the media, “to have an innocent person fall, this is a major breach” of human rights. It comes across to many people subjected to drone attacks as “killing everyone in order to save the village.”

There is no question some important al-Qaida leaders have been killed. There is equally no doubt that some innocent Yemenis have been killed. There is no doubt the Yemen government knows about these attacks but pretends not to know. In other words, hypocrisy and lies abound in the  use of drones.