Should Dutch Cannabis Coffee Shops Be Closed?

Mayors in several Dutch towns have decided to close down coffee shops which cater to foreigners in search of a nice quiet place to enjoy a smoke of the weed. The mayors are upset because thousands of foreigners flock to these coffee shops and supposedly create a nuisance by purchasing coffee or cannabis. The decision comes in the midst of demands by over thirty Dutch mayors for the right to grow cannabis under control of local authorities and sell the weed to the coffee shops in order to break the grip of criminals who control the growing and distribution of the weed. According to Mayor Gerd Leers of Maastricht, closing down coffee shops will not halt the smoking of cannabis, but it “will only lead to more crime.”

The Dutch are more progressive than most societies in the western world by allowing controlled smoking of cannabis. It is only logical for the government to take control of growing the product and supervising its placement in coffee shops. Let the foreigners come as they wish, it is good for business and makes for happier human beings in the world.