Should Elderly People Be Allowed

A recent article in the Toronto Star caught my attention because it posed the question as to whether elderly people should be allowed to continue driving their cars. Fair question, and one with some merit given that those over the age of 80 have higher rates of accidents. But, as someone who is 79 and heading toward the 80 mark, I have a question to pose. Should anyone under the age of 50 be allowed to drive a moving vehicle? How often have you seen a young person talking on a cell phone, drinking a cup of coffee and, undoubtedly, finding a way to text message? Let’s face reality, younger people eventually will kill themselves if we continue using cars as a mode of transportation.

The real question to pose is: When will humanity cease using cars as a means of transportation and resort to other modes such as trains or trolley cars? We can not as a species continue using cars unless we seek to destroy the planet. Of course, my bet is on younger drivers killing one another while text messaging.