Should He Quit?

Neeraj Kumar is Police Commissioner of Delhi and thus responsible for handling crime in his city. Day after day, week after week, month after month, there are stories of women being abused, children being raped and nothing is done to th soe in the police force who assist criminals who assault females-of all ages. A five year old girl was kidnapped, raped and raped over the course of two days. Parents of the girl were given $36 by a uniformed policeman and a plains clothes policeman if they would not lodge a complaint about the assault. On his initial contact with the police, no one at the station had the faintest idea to investigate the case.

Commissioner Kumar wants to find the names of these policemen. I doubt if he was able to find the name of a criminal who entered a police station and robbed it.
The police in India have no respect f0r women, and certainly not concern about female children.