Should Humans Leave Earth?

Noted scientist Stephen Hawking believes it is time for his fellow humans to get the hell off this planet since they have just about used up anything of worth on Earth. In his view, the human race is composed of ‘angry, gluttonous and expanding humans” who intend to ruin anything of worth on the planet. “It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand or million. The human race should not have all its eggs in the basket on one planet.” Mr. Hawking does make a point. However, little does he know that other life forms in the universe have created a barrier in space which prevents we humans from being able to contaminate the rest of the universe. Who would want a life form which has never ceased hating and killing during its entire existence?

Be honest, would other life forms really want creatures who believe the Tea Party contains an intelligent idea to spread its stupidity throughout the universe? Full disclosure. I was brought by my parents from the planet of Xul and left here to learn how life forms are brutal and dangerous. They will be coming by shortly to take me home to peace, love, and joy on Xul. Sorry, Humans, you are stuck here!