Should Jews Return To Arab Lands?

Arab nations continually discuss the “right of return” for Arab people who fled Palestine when Israel was created, but few ever mention the 700,000 Jews who fled Arab nations after Israel became a nation and their governments engaged in anti-Jewish activities. A new magazine in Iraq’s Kurdistan’s region entitled: “Israel-Kurd” urges that Jews who fled Iraq should return to Kurdistan. They believe the 150,000 Kurdistan Jews living in Israel belong in their native land. Dawood Baghestani, who developed the magazine, argues “if the Jews had not been subject to an exodus, the Palestinians wouldn’t have been either.”

Many Muslims in Iraq are furious at the thrust of the magazine since Israel is not recognized by the Iraq government. Many Kurdish leaders like Baghestani have visited Israel and believe in the need for improved relations between Israel and Arab nations.

Mr. Baghestani has excellent motives, but it might be slightly exaggerating the reason for departure of Arabs from the new state of Israel. There is no question Israel armed forces forced some Arabs to leave just as Arab leaders urged people to leave in fear they would be killed by the Israelis. There is also no doubt hundreds of thousands of Jews left Arab nations and lost their money and property.