Should Laws Prohibit Love?

I am what is termed to be a “straight man” because I have married women in my life–sequentially that is, not at the same time. A court in Malawi is preparing a trial against two men who are termed to be “gay,” an expression which has always baffled me. How can anyone be against being gay? Steven Mojeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga went through a ceremonial gay marriage to express their love for one another even though any form of sexual conduct by people of the same sex is illegal in the country. Their exchange of marriage vows has aroused fury and hostility in Malawi as forces rise in righteous anger to defend their nation from the evil of same sex love.

Tiwonge believes himself to be a herself and prefers dressing as a woman. “I love my husband and laws should not prohibit love.” Isn’t is strange that opponents of gay love are open in expressing their hate at any moment. Why do we humans believe hating love is preferable than being gay about two people falling in love with one another?