Should Mein Kampf Be Banned?

A popular Russian web site which offers material on the past history of Russia has been blocked because it published Hitler’s Mein Kampf. The site, was told by the St. Petersburg police it would be shut down because it is illegal to publish Mein Kampf in Russia. posts articles and scanned historical documents to assist those attempting to dig into Russia’s past history. Ironically, even a book by British historian, Hugh Trevor-Roper, a well known expert on Hitler, is banned because of its title, “Hitler’s Table Talk.” Those in charge of the site now have a warning and if they persist in publishing banned material they may face criminal prosecution.

The history of World War II is a controversial topic because leaders like Putin have their interpretation of the conflict and do not want contrary materials online. For example, most historians of World War II are aware Dictator Joseph Stalin was sent data from the British telling him Russia would be invaded by Germany in mid-June, 1941 but he refused to accept their information. The Putin version is of the great hero Stalin who from the first moment led his people.

The other issue is should any book be banned? Frankly, it is not that difficult obtaining a copy of Mein Kampf if the desire is present to read the rambling, at points, incoherent words of Hitler. It is doubtful even the most rabid neo-Nazi would ever get through the volume. Frankly, let them read the book, it might convince some that Hitler lacked any coherent ideas.