Should Military Spending Be Cut?

Many Republican leaders are shouting the sky will fall if reductions are made in spending by the US military. How can we defend this nation if  our military only has $760 billion to spend? OK, so the US military is superior to the next ten nations, OK, so we have the greatest air force in the world, but can it really defeat the growing might of the Albanian  or Bulgarian air forces which reportedly have purchased some new planes? I even wonder if the out dated US navy could handle sea craft being used by Somalia pirates.

We hear stories that the defense industry will be devastated. There must  be a point in time when our military spending declines and those resources are diverted to other aspects of the economy. We really do NOT need a new fighter plane to fight a non-existent enemy. We CAN cut billions from our defense budget and use the money to restore our infrastructure, stimulate new businesses, rebuild our education system and finally recognize the COLD WAR HAS ENDED!!

We need a new form of military that will require fewer troops and more use of technology.