Should Politicians Sign A Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

A new law in the United Kingdom will require a man and woman getting married who decide to make a pre-nuptial agreement to declare all of their assets in order that the other party knows their wealth. No more hiding assets in strange bank accounts. The idea is fascinating and we propose that all elected officials in the United States Congress should be compelled to sign a pre-nuptial agreement with the American people. No more hiding who your favorite lobbyist is and how much you get from him. No more claiming that your only goal in getting elected is to serve “the people.” All should be required to make clear who are “the people” they intend to serve. If you are against health reform, then declare your willingness not to obtain government health care that is provided all members of Congress. If you are in favor of cutting taxes for the wealthy, reveal exactly how much money you will save as a result of these tax cuts. You are against “government spending,” fine, then promise never to seek a bill that results in your district or state receiving additional federal spending.

Twenty years ago, Republicans signed a Contract With America. OK, we now expect Republicans to oppose any additional federal spending in their districts and states, and to fight for reducing the national debt. We expect Republicans to oppose any tax cut that will reduce federal income since less money coming in means less money to pay off our national debt.