Should Putin Punt On Presidency?

Underneath the calm outward appearance between President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, there beats a quiet simmering conflict as to who will run for president next year in Russia. Imprisoned business leader, Mikhail Khodorkovsy warned the people of his nation a return to the presidency by Putin would send a signal to the world’s business community that Russia is not the best place in which to invest. “If Putin runs in the election, ” he said, “this would mean that the peaceful transition of power has failed.” It reinforces belief that Putin wants power, will seek power, and will not readily surrender power to someone over whom he lacks control. A recent poll of Russians reveals that 34% believe there might be public unrest if Putin retruns to the presidency.

Hopefully, Vladmir has seen the winds of change in the Middle East and considered whether those winds will rush over the Russian sky.