Should Robert Mugabe Be Placed On Trial?

The decision by the International Criminal Court to issue a warrant for the arrest of Sudan President al-Bashir raises interesting questions as to whether Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe should also be placed on trial for crimes against the humanity of the people of Zimbabwe. South African presidential candidate, Mvume Dandala running on the Congress of the People (COPE) demanded the question of Mugabe’s crimes should be investigated. “Given the tragic situation in Zimbabwe I personally feel that if President Mugabe was taken to the International Court… he would be given a chance to actually explain himself.” There have been over 4000 deaths from cholera and at least 90,000 are infected due to the disastrous policies of Mugabe. Over three million have fled the land and the unemployment rate is over 80%, and this in a land, that once was among the richest on the African continent.

A major reason Mugabe was able to survive for so long was failure on the part of South African leaders to fight for the people of Zimbabwe. Instead they defended their old comrade. It is wonderful that finally South African leaders are beginning to think about the people of Zimbabwe and not about old friendships.