Should Russia Be In European Union?

Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi raised the question as to whether it was necessary for the European Union to accept Russia into its ranks. “I consider Russia to be a Western country and my plan is for the Russian Federation to be able to become a member of the European Union in the coming years,” proclaimed the controversial Italian leader. Vladmir Chizhov, Russia’s Ambassador to the European Union responded by insisting his nation had no such desire since it was a politcally and economically independent nation. Berlusconi has always been close to Prime Minister Putin and even had him spend time at his villa during the Russian leader’s visit to Italy.

Berlusconi is raising an important issue which eventually will be resolved with Russia entering the European Union as it should enter NATO. Russia has a declining population and is in need of immigrants from other nations in order to deal with important demographic statistics. Accepting Russia would make the European Union the most important economy in the world and would eventually surpass that of the United States. It is common sense for Russia and the EU to unite both politically and economically in order to foster peace and prosperity in the world.