Should Schools Accept Ads?

I recently came across a story from Australia about efforts to allow schools to accept advertising in order to handle expected deficits. Many years ago while teaching in a small town high school in California, local businessmen wanted to distribute ads for their enterprises under the guise they were teaching “economics.” I bid them a fond farewell saying schools were free zones devoid of ads or hustlers peddling their wares. Then again, perhaps schools should offer ads:

Ads from your local drug dealers who would offer special discounts on certain days of the week.

Ads from local pornographic stores offering a “two for one” special on excellent videos.

Of course, local anti-abortionists could advertise by selling tee shirts of an aborted fetus.

Harrah’s is a natural for not only teaching youth skills in gambling but offering them a chance to lose their money and go onto welfare– a two for one special.