Should Sorcery Be A Crime?

A woman in Papua New Guinea was accused of being engaged in sorcery after a boy died in a hospital. The good folk of this village grabbed the woman, stripped her naked, bond her, tortured her and then after dousing her body with gasoline, they burned her at the stake. Pictures of the event reveal men, women and children having a gay old time at the burning event. Apparently, the charge of sorcery is rather common in this nice far off land, and, of course, most who wind up in a bonfire are women.

Perhaps, we need to evaluate the issue of sorcery more seriously in America. After all, according to the Tea Party, President Obama is some sort of witch from Africa and it might be beneficial to burn him at the stake. Then again, we have  many involved in witchcraft in the United States. There are millions who believe if every person had a gun then fewer would die from guns. Now, THAT is real sorcery if you could pull that one off!!