Should There Be Another Afghan Election?

The world is concerned over the need for an honest election in Afghanistan in order to offer a cover of legitimacy to the government of the country. Reality is that another election will result in the election of President Karzai who controls the power of government to ensure a victory. His main opponent, Abdullah Abdullah talks bravely of establishing conditions before he will agree to participate in an election. Karai has been under tremendous pressure from the United States and Europe to offer the semblance of a fair election. Perhaps, we are asking the wrong question. Is there need for an honest election in Afghanistan? Or, is there need for an honest effective government? We argue the latter is what counts and suggest Afghanistan is not ready for an election, honest or not.

We suggest there is need for a coalition government in which technocrats and businessmen constitute the Cabinet and dedicate themselves to providing services to the people of Afghanistan and dealing with the drug trade by purchasing all drugs from farmers. Afghans at this moment need -jobs, work projects, restoring the infrastructure, developing the modicum of an early stage industrial society and ensuring safety. If those goals can be accomplished it goes a long way to dealing with the Taliban.