Should Turkey Remain Silent?

Turkey has enjoyed a rather unusual place in the Middle East over the past thirty or so years in being able to have good relations with both Israel and other Arab nations. However, recent events in Israel policy toward Gaza and Palestinians has resulted in a desire on the part of the Turkish government to adopt a less friendly attitude toward Israel. During an interview with Al_Jazeera, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu made clear his nation intended to be a force in the region and would work with all nations to achieve peace, but it would not remain silent when it disagrees with actions by any nation. He pointed out “Turkey initiated indirect talks between Syria and Israel” and thus played a positive role in peace negotiations.

However, the foreign minister indicated his nation was growing frustrated with Israel military actions in the region. Isn’t it about time the Israel government rethinks its military methods and works with nations like Turkey in order to proceed with a peace process. At the heart of peace are two issues– the desire and actions of Arab nations to establish peace with Israel, and the desire and actions of Israel to respect the needs of Palestinians who live on the West Bank or in Gaza.