Should US Cut And Run?

Many reading these words once said “I Do” and within a few months recognized they should have said, “I Don’t!” The United States is in the same situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under our noble and all wise leader, George Bush, not only did we say, “I DO” but we added the caveat of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Ten long years have passed with nonstop violence, deaths, destruction, suicide bombers who prefer the gardens of Heaven to the reality of their native village. The beat goes on, and the drums of war never cease their deafening roar.

At some point, whoever is president of the USA will have to say, “We Won’t” and proceed to send our troops home. And, this time home will be the last “deployment” for these brave and worn out men and women. There is a breaking point for each human on this planet and the same applies to nations. Everyone in the US–except for a few like John McCain or Joe Lieberman– wants the nightmare to conclude.

Our suggestion: the president of the USA should announce to the world: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, WE ARE GOING HOME!