Should US Troops Remain In Iraq?

It is increasingly clear that President Obama and military leaders of the US armed forces would prefer  leaving a small group of soldiers in Iraq after the main body leaves.  Training of the Iraq armed forces is a  huge task which requires years to complete. Even as these words are being written, terrorist groups in Iraq continue suicide attacks and bombings. Local religious thugs continue harassing females and denying them rights of  equality in society.

Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is particularly concerned about having American troops in Iraq while at the same  time being subject to Iraqi law. He insists that legal immunity be granted American military personnel so they would not be subject to being prosecuted in a  Iraq civil  court. If not granted legal immunity is subjects American soldiers to being charged with a variety of crimes related to  insulting women. What happens if a soldier dates an Iraqi female, can he be charged with  dishonoring her?

The US must insist on legal immunity. Anything less threatens the rights of  Americans.