Should We Spy On God?

Each day reveals another example of sying on this place or that place, conducted by the NSA or M16 or the CIA or the British GCHQ or some French group or a German one. These days just utter some initials and doors open wide and one can check on just about anyone including God Himself. In England, Parliament’sintelligence and security committee(ISC) is conducting an investigation of initials. OK, the British Guardian has been publishing stories about spy agencies in England, so why is it surprising there are spy agencies spying on some one or thing? In simple terms as MP noted, “there is a balance to be found between our individual right to privacy and our collective righ tto security.”

Where did Sir Malcolm Rifkind get this idea? Doesn’t he know that every day some terrorist is planning to blow something up and we must prevent such action? My question is: who checks on the people who are checking to see if spy agencies violate the law of privacy?