Should West Aid A Mugabe Led Zimbabwe?

Jacob Zuma, head of the African National Congress (ANC) which is the leading political party of South Africa, denounced western nations for refusing to provide aid to the government of Zimbabwe. Zuma argued that President Robert Mugabe is the head of the government and has the support of many people in the nation. “This is very unfair to the Zimbabwean people. Because here is Mugabe, he is a factor. He is there. He heads a party that has been in government for over 20 years.” But, the facts he presented are exactly the problem. The Mugabe government has ruined the nation by allowing its cronies and henchmen to rob people of their property and become wealthy. It was Mugabe who drove three million from the country, it is Mugabe who created a nation with an 80% unemployment and it is Mugabe who created an inflation rate that is the highest in the world. What exactly does Zuma believe such an incompetent government can do to make the nation become prosperous again?

Part of the problem is that former President Mbeki of South Africa had the power to force Mugabe to abide by the Zimbabwean Constitution, but he did nothing because Robert was his old friend. South Africa has to share responsibility for what has transpired in Zimbabwe because it refused to support the people of that nation. Western donors are correct to hold back on giving aid until it can be proven the aid will go to the people of Zimbabwe, not to the crowd around President Robert Mugabe.

  • Rev.Mankani Moyo

    It pains my heart to learn that even today,in 2009 AD, the people of Zimbabwe constantly continue unabated, to face a bleak future, whose trademark is change, overlaid with problems and foreboading circumstances. R.Mugabe & his cabinet have been amassing wealth to alarming popotions since “Day I”. The basic reason why the Dictator is holding tenaciously to power coupled with his constant rigging of the elections over the years, is because he doesn’nt want the international community to take stock of his misdeeds since 1980 to date.I’m opposed to this “Aid” because the tyrant, his cronies and his henchmen, will continue to benefit at the expense of the poorest of the poor. Last but not least, sanctions which were upon him & his cabinet, should never be removed. I’m saying never, never, never!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree with your points