Should West Give Aid To Mugabe’s Zimbabwe?

The nation of Zimbabwe is bankrupt, its economy is in ruins, over three million people have fled to South Africa in search of a decent life, and the government is currently divided between the reform Movement for Democratic Change, (MDC) and the corrupt thugs under President Mugabe who created the mess. Finance Minister Trevor Manuel who represents the new leadership under Morgan Tsvangirai is urging Western nations to provide needed money for his government. The United Kingdom and many other nations fear any money that might be under the control of Mugabe will be wasted. However, Manuel is arguing that without money, reformers are powerless and the entire country will simply collapse.

This is among the most difficult decisions that western nations will have to make in Africa. Do they take the risk that Mugabe will use the money for his own political purposes or do they take the risk that Tsvangirai and Manuel will be able to use those funds to create a semblance of stability in the nation?

  • E

    I think that you will find that Trevor Manuel is the South African Finance Minister and Zimbabwe. This entry gives the reader the impression that Mr Manuel is in Tsvangirai’s government when it is not the case.

  • E

    correction of the above: I meant to say “NOT” Zimbabwe. Trevor Manuel is South African and for further clarification the Finance Minister of South Africa.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Sorry for the confusion. I had mentioned elsewhere the Zimbabwe finance minister and made an inadvertent mistake.