The truth eventually comes out and we hope the American people will not accept any story told by a Muslim president concerning the alleged death of Osama bin Laden. We pose a simple question: Where is the body? How come the American government will not bring the body back home so we can inspect it in order to verify Osama is really dead? Let’s face it, Barack Obama was headed for a defeat in next year’s election and suddenly, out of nowhere, he comes before the people of this nation with a dramatic claim to have killed Osama bin Laden. Anyone who believes this story undoubtedly believes in Santa Claus!

Is it a coincidence that Donald Trump’s show was on when the President suddenly cut into national television in order to make this claim? We accuse Barack Obama of attempting to destroy Donald Trump because this courageous leader was proving that Barack Obama was born in Kenya to MUSLIM parents. As Stella Olender, who lost a child on 9/11 points out: “they disposed of it(body) and one whoever was right there knows what happened, if it’s true or if it’s false?” By now, any sane American knows THEY will never tell US the truth! Our fighting Tea Party folk who stand for truth, justice and the American way of life hit it on the nail when their website noted: “Don’t you think Obama needs something to assure his re-election?”

We have learned from authoritative sources that President Obama will be appearing on TV this weekend with proof that Charlie Sheen is a drunk, and a beastly person. That will assure him of the solid vote of all drunkards and women abusers.