Show The Papers, Show The Birth Certificate!

Police are wandering the streets of Arizona seeking anyone with a swarthy skin who is not carrying any papers. OK, so some Hispanic or Mexican or Cuban or Puerto Rican was born in the United States, the real issue is how does this nation protect itself from itself. There are rumors circulating that Governor Brewer of Arizona is dispatching state police to Washington D.C. in order to await the president existing from the White House in order that they might halt his cars and demand evidence that he was born in America. After all, if we are checking out “them people” from south of the border, how about “that guy” who was born in Africa. As far as we know, gorillas in Africa do not issue birth certificates so it is certain that Barack Obama does NOT have a birth certificate!

It is time we began to extend the concept of identify papers to preschoolers. Imagine if your little son or daughter was in a preschool in which there were children who were illegal immigrants? Save your child from being infected by the illegals, demand President Obama prove he is an American, vote for Rush and Sarah and Glenn, the only real Americans.

Come to think about it, none of these illustrious leaders ever served in the armed forces. I wonder why.