Showdown At Syrian Corral?

Muammar Gaddafi has been driven from power through use of force and outside intervention by NATO airforces. However, in Syria, thousands have died at the hands of government security forces and the killing goes on and on despite promises from President Bashar al-Assad they had halted. News of the downfall of his comrade in bestiality has not fazed the Syrian ruler who insists things are OK at his corral and aside from some “Muslim extremists,” the good folk in his town back their sheriff.

Bashar’s major complaint these days is at “negative attitudes” held by his former friends in Turkey and elsewhere. He is confused at the reaction of opponents to his efforts at compromise. OK, so a few thousand have died, but he has never killed the 20,000 that his dad murdered in a single city. From his vantage point, the opposition should be raising their voices in gratitude for his leniency in death and destruction.

Bashar, just remember that Muammar also thought he was in control.