Showgirl Minister’s To Men

There are times when Americans could learn from Italians on how our politicians should behave. Mara Carfagna, prior to entering parliament and becoming a member of the Cabinet was a showgirl who was voted the world’s sexiest politician. As a member of the Silvio Berlusoni Cabinet she was provided high standards for sexual misconduct and the sex pot politician is working hard to maintain her reputation. It turns out she has been conducting an affair of the heart with Italo Bocchino, a member of the opposition party. When asked by the media to comment on these charges, she responded: “In America, politicians have to resign for much less. But, this is Italy. And in this country, if you don’t have at least one lover, you’re a loser.”

Perhaps, it is time for we Americans to learn something from our Italian friends. What if Barack Obama had a torrid love affair? Would that be the spark to ignite some passion in the man who hides his emotions? Then, again, who in his right mind would want to have a love affair with Sarah Palin? Imagine having to pretend interest in her rambling thoughts?