Shucks, By Golly, It’s Mitt Southern Time!

Mitt  Romney was raised in a family which was rather upper class and it is doubtful if mom ever served biscuits, gravy and grits for breakfast. But, Mitt was in southern lands and decided to partake of the local  breakfast fare–” I got started this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits. I’ll tell you, delicious! Mitt, honest, there is nothing “delicious” about what we termed in the US Army to be, “shit on shingles.”

Mitt is engaged in becoming a “Southern  boy.” He informed the world of the South, “I’m learning to  say, y’all and I like grits, strange things are happening to me.” Actually, the most strange thing that could happen to this man is to actually be honest about anything. Today, he is from the  South, tomorrow he will wear a yamarka, the day after get drunk on St. Patrick’s day, and you can expect him at the next Greek wedding.

I propose Mitt Romney for President of Pander Land.