Shut Up In Putin Land!

Vladimir Putin is a man of action. Vladimir Putin enjoys wandering the streets of Moscow bare chested so that one and all can see his muscles and beautiful body in action. He just does not like other Russian men wandering around bare chested because someone might get the idea that he was a homosexual. In Putin Land, we do not employ that word, and definitely in the presence of a young child. It is a medically proven fact that if young children hear that word, it leads them to become a homosexual. Putin has issued another decree which bans anyone participating or attending the Winter Olympic games to utter a single word of protest against the laws of Russia. Actually, they cannot speak or march or get together in order to express their views on the topic of gay and lesbian rights.

it will not be gay for gay folk to hold a parade on February 7, 2014 since the opening day is reserved for those straight folk who want to get on with their straight and true parade in honor of Vladimir Putin. It is rumored that Putin will lead this parade with bare chest displayed for any men who want to see a real man!