Shut Up Or Depart!

Believes it or not, but once upon a time in Israel the government welcomed differences of opinion since effective leadership is fostered when members of the government offer blunt and honest opinions regarding policy. At a meeting of 150 diplomats in Jerusalem, Yaskov Amidror, head of Israel’s National Security Council, told the assembled diplomats they were “clerks” whose job was to advise and represent the government. “If that doesn’t suit you, quit or run for public office.” The group had applauded a statement by Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations. He questioned the wisdom of recent government announcements about further building of settlements in the West Bank.

During the Cuba Missile Crisis of 1962, President John Kennedy urged those assembled to speak honestly and welcomed ideas because the issue was how most effectively to prevent war. Unfortunately, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not a great leader like Kennedy.  Bibi proceeds along the path of destruction for Israel by focusing on votes rather than on the future of his land.

Unfortunately, most Israelis live for the moment, not for the future. They actually believe Israel will always be able to use force to defend its borders. In the long run, only compromise and peace will secure freedom for its people. There will always be new weapons of mass destruction that will be smaller, easier to get into the country and easier to explode.