Shut Up–T0 Death Van!!

Yelena Mizulina is a concerned member of the State Duma who intends to protect the rights of fellow members against those who would trample on their right to be a bigot. It definitely states in the Russian Constitution that members of the Duma have the right to send to jail any who challenge their intelligence or patriotism. She is upset at Nikolai Alexeyev, a gay activist who claims the right to make critical remarks about those in the Duma. For some reason, he believes “free speech” entitles one to degrade the moral stance of a member of Parliament. Alexei blames her for the law which bans the right of gays to send “propaganda” to minors about the virtues of being gay or lesbian. He sent a petition to the White House noting this woman was responsible for this law which endangers the rights of gays and lesbians.

Yelena wants to place Alexei on the list of community service and she wants him to work in the coroner’s van where he can speak his dangerous words to the dead. Fair enough. Now if only the corpse was Yelena!