Shutdown But Playground Open

The hours tick by, the clock of fate is still winding down, and there is still no sight of a solution to the current malaise which grips the American government. A small group of ideologues are attempting to create a new form of government. We all recall from childhood the schoolyard bully who insisted that what he wants, he must get. Throughout the history of America, a party which wanted certain laws campaigned in the arena of politics in order to secure the votes of people. If they were successful and gained a majority then their bills might become laws. Alas, the Tea Party has introduced a new concept of law making. Just say, “the American people want our ideas” and the result is that the majority must accept your threats.

President Obama can not flinch. He must challenge the Neanderthal minded Tea Party and refuse to give in to their ideas of how laws are passed. Never give in to a bully!