Shutout, Showdown, Or Shutdown?

Republicans are circling the wagons which protect the rights of wealthy Americans against any attacks by savage Democrats who week to make those with pay some of the money the nation desperately needs. According to House Speaker, John Boehner, the entire cause of our current economic problems stems from over-paid teachers and loafers who want to live off the largesse of those who work hard. Boehner is fighting a battle to prevent any money from going to Planned Parenthood, another of those free spending programs which have resulted in a national deficit of over $11 Trillion. Republicans demand cuts in government spending because without cutting out money for the jobless or children’s health or meals for the hungry, how can the USA afford to pass welfare tax cut laws for those who are the top 1% of our wealthy?

The fight is over about $35 billion Republicans demand must immediately be cut from the budget. Of course, these are the same Republicans who in December voted to reduce federal income by giving away over $900 Billion in tax cuts. We currently live in the most anti-poor generation in American history. The poor are blamed for all economic problems while the rich who caused them are the objects of Republican pity and concern!

Perhaps, it is time to consider other alternatives in dealing with the poor. How about “voluntary euthanasia” under which we give you five years of luxury on condition, you take the drink of death. Bodies could be recycled into fertilizer for farms and thus increase production. I can promise one thing, follow this program and we will reduce unemployment!