Sick Americans Rush For More

Figure it out, a nut case used a gun to kill several people and what happens– sick minded Americans rush to purchase MORE GUNS! After the Glock wielding Jared Loughner used this weapon to murder innocent men, women and a nine year old girl, the God fearing 100% Americans stormed gun stores in search of more and more weapons. Greg Wolff, owner of two gun shops in Arizona, said: “We’re at double our volume over what we usually do. When something like this happens, people get worried that the government is going to ban stuff.” Hey, you sick minded morons who believe possessing a gun will solve all problems, don’t worry, the NRA, that bastion of peace and non-violence will ensure congressmen who have backbones of chocolate eclairs will never pass a sensible law that allows guns to be used in reasonable ways. Latest figures indicate gun sales rose 65% in Ohio, 38% in Illinois, and so on throughout the nation.

The number of people who signed up for a course offered in an Arizona gun shop that teaches about concealed weapons doubled in the past few days. I love America, but how did I get trapped in a society in which gun crazy characters believe only possessing a gun will provide safety.

By the way, I joined the US Army in 1951 because I believed it was my patriotic duty to serve during the Korean War. I welcome use of guns for hunting or in gun contests, but there is no need for people walking around with concealed weapons nor should students in colleges be allowed to have them in the classroom