Sick Republicans Never Change

It sometimes is amazing how Republicans can outdo themselves in displaying anger and hate and selfishness, but the latest episode is beyond  belief. President George Bush initiated working with the UN on a proposed treaty which would protect the rights of disabled people. President Obama continued the work. The final treaty is a variation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Who could possibily oppose assisting people with disabilities? Only one group on this planet–THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

Former Senator Bob Dole was wheeled onto the Senate floor to urge  adoption. Eight Republican senators did vote for the bill which received a vote of 61-38. Since it lacked two-thirds, the bill failed to be adopted. We offer comments from the main idiot of the Republican party–Senator Jim Imhofe:

“I do not support the cumbersome regulations and potentially over zealous international organizations with anti-American biases that infringe on American society.”  This man is not merely sick in mind, he is  evil in heart!