Sick US Soldier Has Tattoo Of Murders!

There are sick people in this world, and then, there is Calvin Gibbs. Army investigators were in the process of trying to interrogate Sgt. Calvin Gibbs who is charged with the murder of three Afghan civilians when he lifted up his pant leg. He revealed a tattoo which contained a picture of a crossed pair of pistols, framed by six skulls. Three of the skulls were colored red to represent people he had killed in Iraq and three were colored blue to represent his Afghanistan killings. Sgt.Gibbs insists that he only acted in self defense and at no time did he initiate the killings. He is charged in acting along with his buddies to kill Afghans for sport, not for any military or personal threat. Investigators are re-checking an incident in Iraq in which Gibbs and other soldiers fired on a civilian car and killed two adults and a child. At the time they claimed the car represented a threat to their lives. Several soldiers who served with Gibbs in Afghanistan said he repeatedly tried to persuade other soldiers to carve finger off dead bodies and he kept a few for himself.

Calvin Gibbs is a mentally and emotionally ill human being who, unfortunately, is in a situation in which he has access to a weapon which legally can be used to kill people. If information that has been gathered is accurate, the Army is dealing with an individual who should never have access to weapons and an individual who needs to be put away. The unanswered question is: did the Army do this to him, or would he have behaved this way regardless of being in the armed forces?