Sickness Is An American Right

The Republican party is very upset at the black dude who resides in the White House. They insist that every American is entitled to the right to get sick without the government interfering by forcing them to get well. Check the Constitution. We have the right to own a gun and we have the right to own how we deal with illness. Congressman John Boehner is going to fight for the rights of Americans to illness. Tea Party Republicans have some demands: end the Affordable Care Act, change our tax code to protect job creators, support the Keystone projectand many other such needs if America is once again to be a free nation. The US Senate will pass a bill that prevents defunding the Affordable Care Act. President Obama has made clear: “the Affordable Care Act is here to stay.”

The bottom line is that Republicans have a great fear–if people like having medical insurance, they will not support Republicans who do not like health insurance. Solutiion-deny them the right to health insurance so they can die earlier. This farce will continue. The ultimate Republican nightmare is having people get connected to health insurance, become healthier and finally realize the only Republican concern is protecting those with wealth.