Sickness Of George Will

I have a confession–once upon a time I would read the columns of George Will with interest because his mind offered a sensible conservative view of life in America. However, during the past few years, all I have to do is read the opening sentence of his column, and then be able to know exactly what he will write about. His columns contain endless tirades against “liberals,” “Obama,” “civil liberty rights,” and the endless evils emerging from providing health care to those who are ill and lack money. George Will has become a shill for hatred and anger and the evils of “government.” Therefore, I cannot admit being shocked at his latest episode in anger toward those who disagree with his perspective on the human condition.

Mr. Will has uncovered a new evil in America. No, it is not the lack of money for poor people who work their butts off for $7.40 an hour. No, it is not the elderly person who substitutes cheap food in order to pay for medicine. No, it is not the child who lives in terror of the walk to school in a violent neighborhood. George Will has begun his crusade to end any crackdown on rapists in colleges. His new crusade is against “the supposed epidemic of rape, a.k.a.’sexual assault.” According to Mr. Will, Political Correctness arises when universities “make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges.” Once we confront rape, then victims emerge who seek to destroy the lives of innocent rapists.

Yes, Mr. Will, there are many young people who fail to engage in intellectual activities in college. Yes, there are spoiled young people. So, Mr. Will, can you name an era in our nation’s history when we did not have spoiled young people? How about shoving a broom up the ass of George Will? Then we can hear his cries of being a victim!