Sig Heil Europeans, We Nazis Are Not Dead!

In one sense, contemporary haters of Muslims are not that far different from Europeans hundreds of years ago who feared the oncoming Muslims bent on conquering Christianity. Patrik Brinkman of Sweden, just gave $7.1 million to a German nationalist group which wants Muslims out of their country. Pro NRW believes there are too many of “them” in “our country” and there is need for some sort of Final Solution. Brinkman seeks to create a new right wing political party that stands for the rights of Christian Europeans. His ultimate goal is organizing a group of European nationalists.

The bad news is the presence of people like Brinkman. The good news is right wing groups in Germany or Sweden never get past about 4% or 5% of the population in voting. They may rant and rave about Muslims just as eighty years ago they shouted about the “Jewish presence” which threatened their existence as a pure race, but their words belong to the past, not to the future of Europe.