Sig Heil Shouts Republican!

For some reason, Republicans are obsessed with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Regardless of the issue, some Republican will shout “Nazi” or “Hitler” even if the issue is improved health care for Americans. Obama is called a “Nazi” for seeking a three percent rise in taxes on the wealthy or he is compared to Hitler if he wants to increase food stamps.  Another example of this madness occurred in the state legislature of New Hampshire when Republican state senator Steve Vaillancourt shouted “Sig Heil”and gave a Nazi salute because the Speaker of the House restricted what he could express about amendments to a proposed bill on voter ID.

Steve was ejected from the state legislature even though he noted that he never said, “Hitler.” The state Republican blamed Democrats even though the Speaker  is a Republican.

Oh, the voter ID was considered a way to prevent Tammany Hall from having people vote who are dead or in jail. I thought Tammany Hall died out about half a century ago? Steve might have been on stronger ground if he compared Republicans to Nazis!