Silence Hate?

The isssue of freedom of speech constantly emerges when a crisis impacts society. The economic collapse in Greece has witnessed the birth of neo-Nazi groups which blame foreigners for the calamity which impacted their nation. The Golden Dawn party blames immigrants or the Roma for whatever hit their nation. The assumption is that poor people are responsible for the collapse of stock markets, rising unemployment and impoverishment of society. Exactly how those without much money or without any influence in the stock market or business can somehow have the power to cripple an economy is among the great mysteries of life. Hate crimes are constant against minority groups in Greece since we have to blame someone for what we did.

The Council of Europe’s human rights warned the Greek government that it has failed to take action against hate groups like the Golden Dawn. Parliament has been silent as Roma or immigrants are beaten by street thugs. The European organization argues when the innocent are beaten then government has the power to restrict freedom of speech to those engaged in hate.  An interesting issue.