Silence In Moscow For Iran

President Medvedev of Russia and Iranian President Ahmadinejad met in Moscow, they were shown on TV shaking hands as a somber faced Russian extended his hand to the loud mouthed visitor from the south. TV newscasters did not report any exchange of words except to indicate Moscow was furious at the continued defiance of Iran toward UN demands for an end to nuclear development of weapons. Russia has a large Muslim population and the thought of a powerful Muslim nation with atomic bomb capabilities is not exactly what Medvedev viewed as beneficial to his nation. He abruptly in September cancelled delivery of advanced missiles to Iran only to be accused of being in league with the American devil. Even as he spoke with Ahmadinejad, Russian delegates were in Lisbon discussing with NATO officials the possibility of a joint anti-missile program. Guess who that shield would be directed at?

Iranians still do not grasp Russia has a “Muslim problem” and the last thing desired is a radical Muslim nation on its border which stirs up militants. There is no natural Iranian-Russian alliance.