Silence Is Golden

It was 9/11 yesterday and the president of the United States and Republican leaders decided to remain silent about this day and its past. We did not hear wise words of wisdom from former President George Bush,not a word about how the Surge under General Petraeus would end violence in the land of Iraq. President Barack Obama placed is hand over his heart and sealed his lips. No more words about drawing lines in the sand, no more defiant words that “if you do X, then I will do, Y.” Silence, silence. Those dead are no longer in the minds of Americans. Heck, Apple just released a new iPhone and it has neat new things to play with. Republicans understand the number one issue in the world is our DEBT. OK, so the USA has had a debt 90% of its history, but to have a debt today means the end of the American dream.

We Americans are in the silent mode. No promises to end poverty or disease or to ensure that people actually have access to medical care. The solution for all problems in Republican America is to do nothing and each week repeal the Affordable Care Act.