Silence Of American Lamb Students

World media has shown dozens of shots and programs dealing with riots on the part of UK students who are furious at their government for raising the cost of a college education. The Cameron government argues youth must bear part of the burden caused by economic mistakes on the part of adults who created economic disaster. Of course, similar rises in the cost of college tuition is happening all over America. Some students in California have gone to the streets in protest, but they have been ignored. However, there is scant evidence of similar anger on the part of college students throughout the United States. There is a sheep like resignation to paying more in order to get a college degree. Of course, those graduating the past June encountered a job market which resulted in most not obtaining a job that was in line with their degree. The situation is horrendous for college students who majored in education. As of this point, no national student organization or protest movement has arisen in America despite students being deprived of jobs or being forced to pay more which in many cases means larger class sizes and fewer course options.

American youth are apolitical, they actually listen to Tea Party idiots and the result is a nice large debt when they graduate. They might look across the seas and consider the importance of political action, open protest and even boycotts in order to protect their educational opportunities. If not, they simply will be lambs led to the slaughter of debt and unemployment.