Silence of George Bush

George Bush is busy chopping wood in Texas while his former buddy, Dick Cheney is bush chopping up those who served in the Bush administration. Cheney has blamed former Secretary of State Colin Powell for the foul up after Saddam was defeated and he has slammed poor National Security adviser Condoleezza Rice for being a cry baby who gave the president incorrect advice. So, how does George respond to these attacks on those who were loyal to him?

George made clear to the media that he would not comment on any of Cheney’s remarks. According to George, “eventually objective historians will analyze our administration and draw objective conclusions.” Duh! I hate to tell you this George, but they have been doing that for the past several years and it is clear that you lied to the American people and caused the death of over 4,000 members of the armed forces who fought in Iraq.

At least stand up and defend individuals like Colin Powell who attempted to prevent your idiotic Iraq adventure.